Geannetta Bennett is from Hartford, CT and has been a member of the Lord’s body for over 35 years.  She was married to the late Donald J. Bennett, minister of the Northside church of Christ in Hartford for 25 years.  Together they have three beautiful children: Anthony, Victoria, and Morgan. She is currently a member of the Capital City Church of Christ in Hartford, CT.

She is the daughter of Herschel and Corrie Walker and comes from the family singing group, Melodious. This family has arranged and written well-known songs in the church such as Beautiful Gleanings Bring, Cool Inside, Stirred Up, Heaven’s on the Other Side and Jesus He’s Alright.

Geannetta is a product of Christian education. She is an alumnus of Harding University and Michigan Christian College where she received her degree in Theater/Communications.

While working with her husband in his ministry, she began Principle Performance, an arts enrichment, and theatrical productions company.  She travels with her ensemble delivering inspirational performances and motivational workshops all over the country to faith-based and educational organizations. Her company also works with youth and community development organizations to manage art education programs for the Joe, Picture This Show/Young Studios, Connecticut State Department of Education, Greater Hartford Arts Council, and Hartford Public Schools. She is an active board member for several non-profit organizations.

Sister Bennett has written, directed and produced 12 different productions, but is best known for her gospel A-Capella musical, “My Soul Sings.” She has successfully completed her new production, “Wings”. This moving play is a dramatic interpretation of the African American folktale, “And the People Could Fly.” It debuted last year in Dallas, Texas as a fundraiser for Southwestern Christian College and at the historic Strand Theater in Boston, MA. This production is currently on tour in limited engagements in various regions of the United States.

Geannetta is also a published writer.  She is a contributing author to the book, “Trusting Women” by New Leaf Publishing. She has self-published two books of poetry “Jar of Alabaster”  and “Silhouette at Sunset”.  Sis. Bennett is currently working to finish two new books, “When the Mourning Comes” and “Still, Sis. Bennett: Memoirs of a Surviving First Lady.” Giving all praises to God, her greatest hope is to be an instrument for the Master and to use her gifts for His service.


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